How Pet Owning, Career Focused Americans are Making Good Use of New Options

Americans are waiting longer than in the past to get married and start families, with an increasing number forgoing these traditional milestones of life altogether. It might be supposed that this trend would mean that more adults are leading less fulfilling lives, but this is not necessarily the case. Many Americans prefer to devote their energies and attention to other goals, like building and pursuing a more rewarding career. In many such cases, Americans who go this route will round out their lives for themselves by owning and spending time with pets who provide companionship and warmth. Some have even discovered that they can combine these priorities in mutually supporting ways, as those who see Nuvet on Glassdoor will discover.

While working for a large pet food producer with thousands of employees might feel more or less like being employed by any other enterprise-sized corporation, smaller companies tend to have more character and distinctiveness. For a company like NuVet that focuses on turning out the best possible food for pets, this means encouraging employees to work their love of their own dogs and cats into their daily routines.

As a result, many workers at this cozily sized business bring their pets to work for them every day, with the company’s Glassdoor profile even pointing out how the President’s small dog has a personal cubicle. While there are other companies that allow or encourage certain employees to bring their pets with them to work, a corporate attitude as relaxed and generous as this is by no means common.

Employees who own pets and wish to engage in rewarding work where they can make a difference therefore truly start out on the right foot. The relatively small size of the business in question also means that each worker’s input and efforts will always be valued and significant, something that cannot be said of many larger corporations.

While some might see the long-term trend toward later marriage and child rearing as a reason for concern, that is therefore not necessarily so. In some cases, people with more options before them are simply taking advantage of opportunities to forge rewarding, satisfying lives of kinds that might not previously have been possible.