Smooth As a Baby’s Bottom

I hate acne and have done nearly everything to get rid of it. I’ve tried many over the counter face washes, scrubs, and creams, and they’ve all come up short. I’ve tried the prescription stuff from the doctor, and it has failed me too. Every time I looked into the mirror, it was like one of those annoyingly painful bumps would appear on my face. The only thing that stopped the acne from taking over my face completely was the TCM clinic in Singapore. They had a traditional treatment that pushed the acne into submission and prevented any new bumps from forming.

I was able to get treatment from the clinic because I found out about them after looking at some acne treatments online. I was running out of options, and the only thing that I could see on the horizon was some kind of expensive surgery that wouldn’t even be permanent. I learned about the traditional treatments that the clinic offers and contacted them about my problem. They told me to come in for an examination so they could see just how bad my problem was and what would need to be done to fix it.

Although my acne problem looked bad to the eyes, it wasn’t out of the realm of treatment. I just had to use something that was different from what I was trying. The clinic gave me a treatment that I could use to clean my face with and apply after I was done. As I used the treatment, my acne started to shrink away and it was gone. For the first time in a long time, my face was completely clear of any bumps or blemishes. I could run my hands across my face and it was entirely smooth. I was so happy to see this that I took a photo and sent it to my friends.