Chartering a Bus for a Girls Day out

I was excited about going to town for a Christmas get together with some friends. We all live in the same area, but we just don’t have the time to get together like we would like to on a regular basis. When we first started this a few years ago, it was just four of us. The following year, two more joined in, and there were 14 of us last year. This year, we are looking into a bus charter for our day getaway because there are 22 interested in going, including myself.

Our husbands don’t understand how we get so much joy out of just taking an entire day and going into the city. We do different things, and this year is going to be the best time yet because my mom and several aunts are joining us for the fun. That is why we are taking a bus this year. Last year, with the 14 of us, we took four cars. It was a bit of a hassle because we kept getting separated, and we even had trouble finding parking close together. We talked about ways to avoid that this year, which is how we came up with the idea of getting a bus.

When I first looked into it, it was more of a pipe dream because I was not sure we could afford it. However, they have buses of different sizes. There is one that fits 25 people, which is perfect in case a few more people decide to join in on the fun. We are going to have the bus pick us up at three different central locations, and then we only have to concern ourselves with having fun instead of traffic, night time driving, and finding parking. We are going to get dropped off at the front door of everywhere we go, and we are so looking forward to that this year!