An App to Bring Families Closer Together

My kids and I were bored one night. It was cold outside, there was nothing good on TV to watch, and we had built all the puzzles that we have in the house. I knew that there had to be something we could do that was fun, but we were clueless on it. Somehow, we started talking about apps that are available to the public. There are very few that are oriented to the family, so we kind of built one that night. It was so good that we decided to look into mobile app development in Singapore.

This was not something that we planned to make a fortune off of. It was just a good idea for an app for families. The app development team that we used to bring it to life is the same one that designs apps for bigger companies too. It helps that my husband uses them to design apps for the company he works with, so there was already a relationship formed there, making it easy for them to help us with our own app idea. When they showed us the final product, we were amazed because it was better than we even thought it would be.

The idea is for families to get to know one another better. When families talk, they get to know generalities about one another. But, this app takes that to a deeper level. It asks deep questions so the family members, or even friends, can get to know one another better. It talks about dreams, fears, hopes and desires, and other things like that. It creates conversation that is usually not the norm for families. I know that this is going to help a lot of families grow closer, and I am so glad the app development team was able to create it for us.