Be Careful on the Trails

I was on the trail by the beach walking and I had my headphone on, I usually walk in this area all of the time during the summer and it was really hard for me to understand how and why this man was following me. I had an mp3 song download going on and I could hear more of the things around me. I noticed that there was a person that sounded like he was following me, I did not know what to do so I kept on walking. I got nervous but then I saw that there were people around me, it was starting to become more and more crowded on the trail so I felt better. Continue reading


An App to Bring Families Closer Together

My kids and I were bored one night. It was cold outside, there was nothing good on TV to watch, and we had built all the puzzles that we have in the house. I knew that there had to be something we could do that was fun, but we were clueless on it. Somehow, we started talking about apps that are available to the public. There are very few that are oriented to the family, so we kind of built one that night. It was so good that we decided to look into mobile app development in Singapore.

This was not something that we planned to make a fortune off of. It was just a good idea for an app for families. Continue reading


Chartering a Bus for a Girls Day out

I was excited about going to town for a Christmas get together with some friends. We all live in the same area, but we just don’t have the time to get together like we would like to on a regular basis. When we first started this a few years ago, it was just four of us. The following year, two more joined in, and there were 14 of us last year. This year, we are looking into a bus charter for our day getaway because there are 22 interested in going, including myself.

Our husbands don’t understand how we get so much joy out of just taking an entire day and going into the city. We do different things, and this year is going to be the best time yet because my mom and several aunts are joining us for the fun. That is why we are taking a bus this year. Last year, with the 14 of us, we took four cars. It was a bit of a hassle because we kept getting separated, and we even had trouble finding parking close together. Continue reading


Smooth As a Baby’s Bottom

I hate acne and have done nearly everything to get rid of it. I’ve tried many over the counter face washes, scrubs, and creams, and they’ve all come up short. I’ve tried the prescription stuff from the doctor, and it has failed me too. Every time I looked into the mirror, it was like one of those annoyingly painful bumps would appear on my face. The only thing that stopped the acne from taking over my face completely was the TCM clinic in Singapore. They had a traditional treatment that pushed the acne into submission and prevented any new bumps from forming.

I was able to get treatment from the clinic because I found out about them after looking at some acne treatments online. I was running out of options, and the only thing that I could see on the horizon was some kind of expensive surgery that wouldn’t even be permanent. I learned about the traditional treatments that the clinic offers and contacted them about my problem. Continue reading


I Am Going with Directv This Time Around

I used to have satellite TV, but I just went with cable when I moved in with my sister since that is what she already had. I figured it was not worth changing everything up when I could just get another receiver for my own room there. When I moved though, I knew I definitely wanted to go back to satellite TV because it is just better in my opinion. I did a search for deals, which is how I found myself at bundle.tv/directv. I had never had Directv before, but I knew that were consistently winning awards not only for what they offer but also their customer service.

Since that is huge to me, I went ahead and took a look at this site. There was nothing there that made me want to look elsewhere. Continue reading